Vanishing Fountain Globe in front yard

I love the sounds of water, and I've always wanted a fountain. They're so relaxing. So, I decided to create one in my front lawn using a low voltage water pump, a hollow rock, some plastic liner, and a milk crate. Pretty easy and inexpensive.

First, find a spot to dig a hole! It should be slightly larger than a milk crate.

Next, line it with thick plastic sheeting. The thicker the better. You might want to even double line it, as you really don't want to have a leak. You should be able to fit the sheet and milk crate in easily. You don't want to force it, or the milk crate might tear the plastic.

Next place your pump (connected to your low voltage supply) inside the crate. The create goes in face down, so you have to cut a hole in the top to put the pump through. I suppose you could just put the pump in first, and then try to fish the tube and voltage line through, but I found this was easier in the event I would need to reach in and pull the pump out for cleaning.

Next place a small piece of garden stop over the crate. Just cut a hole in the garden stop and feed your tube through. The garden stop will allow you to cover it up, but still allow water to flow back into the hole.

Here you can see what it looks like from above, with the rock on it's side.

You can see that these pics are actually a mix of pictures from where I switched out black plastic for white. This was in the process of repairing a cut in the black plastic, and white is what I had available. Here you can see the white plastic (which is lining the entire thing, with the weed stop on top, the rock on top of that, and filled with water. The water comes up the center of my rock, bubbles off the to sides, and back into the hole below it, to be recycled. The system probably holds 6 gallons of water and needs to be refilled every month in summer due to evaporation and water loss due to splashing.

cover it back up with rocks and mulch, and you get your beautiful bubbling fountain that uses very little energy and makes the environment really lovely.

It runs pretty much year round except in January and February. On nights when it freezes it's okay to run it. In the morning it looks beautiful with ice dripping all around it.

In the spring and summer, the fountain attracts all kinds of pretty butterflies and birds, including hummingbirds. On the rare occasion, I get some other unusual critters!!!