Spring to Fall 2012

Spring to Fall 2012 Doing a bulk update of what's happened in 2012 so far. I've got from early spring all the way to the beginning of October in here!!!

Let's start off with some Spring Skiing at 7 Springs Resort! Catey's hair looks so cool, and I'm trying out a winter beard!

And the kids did yoga with Chrissie!

Going skiing isn't just about skiing... it's about spending great time with friends at the lodge and back at the cabin!

Okay, enough with this crazy beard. Spring is on its way. Time to have fun with the razor!

Speaking of Spring...

Chase and Catey finished their three year Tae Kwon Do contract this year. I think there was a lot the kids gained from the experience, but three years is enough. Chase finished with his black belt this year, while Catey came very close, but only got Bo-Black.

We took in a Harlem Globe Trotters game... the kids loved it and got two basketballs autographed!

A little Chrissie and me time

Giant GEODE!!! Run for you lives!!!!

Spring Soccer for the kids! I coached Chase's team, so unfortunately didn't get any pictures of him playing. But here's Catey:

And I took Chrissie to the firing range for some target practice!

In fact, here's a pretty cool video of Chrissie honing her skills

Chase got to try his hand a professional videography as he helped produce the schools morning announcements complete with green screen. He was the cameraman.

Late Spring and we have mulberry trees all over the W&OD trail. I always stop and eat a few when I run along the trail, and the kids tried some and asked if we could bake a pie out of them. So, we went back with a bucket, and picked a ton of mulberries and made a pie!

Swim team kicks off to a good start for the kids with some heat ribbons!

We had some amazing storms this year. The Derecho took power out for many people for days, and my sister stayed with us while her power was out. Catey and Rory decide to pick the remaining flowers out of the yard!!!

I went for a bike ride and the amount of debris was incredible. Here's a shot from Old Waterford.

But, my garden survived, and soon I've got veggies and herbs coming out of my ears. If you know anything about me, you know I love a good BLT. This one is Bacon, Basil, Dill, Tomatoe and Blue Cheese... with a bowl of Cherry tomatoes on the side. And zuchini bread around the corner.

The dog days of summer... it's a hard life I know.

Chase thinks he's so cool:

Until he sees what he looks like in this picture:

And just wait til I show Chase and Catey's girlfriend/boyfriends this picture. They're truly the dynamic duo. I have a video of them prancing around pretending to kick crime fighting ass. But, they'd kill me if I posted it. :)

Catey did great a swim team this year, making it to all stars. Chase was super close, but didn't quite get there.

As usual, we took our annual white water trip down the Lower Yough. We moved it up to late July this year and had a blast. Here's the gang:

And here's a montage of the trip. Enjoy and please comment!

We also took our (now) annual trip to Kings Dominion with the Vardas. Here's the kids orienteering around the park.

We went on a Friday, and it was a little overcast. But, it was perfect. In fact, almost no lines when we first got there (30 minutes after opening).

Chase is slowly learning how to eat food.

We also took a Tour of Virginia, but there's so much going on that it has it's own special page. Catey had her birthday during the Tour de Virginia. And my parents were going to be gone for Chase's. So we did a combined cake with my parents for both of them.

Kevin is turning into a super vicious dog

No, I'm just kidding. He's as cute as ever!!!!

And Maggie is still hanging out somewhere too!

Catey is all smiles after eating a yummy taco dinner at Los Tios.

And soccer is in full affect for both kids. I'm coaching Chase's team again, and Chrissie is assistant coach for Catey's team.

Hopefully as the season continues I'll get some action shots of Chase. I suspect when I have my Winter Update I will have some more pics finishing off the soccer season to start it off! Looking forward to a great Fall/Winter!!!! -Dave