2012 - The Year in Review

With the increased use of FaceBook, it's become less important to keep the site up to date, but I vow to continue keeping thegoodrumfamily.com up to date, at least on a yearly basis! :) I did actually update it earlier this year with our Spring Cruise but other than that, I haven't kept it up. So, I'm adding this year in review, as well as two other sections on our annual rafting trip and my fountain project on separate pages.

Green Green Garden

So, let's get started shall we! First, as always, let's show off the garden!!!

The garden is as big as ever, with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, squash, snap peas, snow peas and cucumbers. Here's what it looks like at the beginning of June:

Nothing like fresh lettuce for your tacos:

And the kids were eating sug snap peas right off the vine:

By mid June, the zuch plants are already getting huge along with the cucumber vines:

And the raspberries are in full swing:

It wasn't long before the zuchini, as usual, was out out of control. Which means... lots of zuchini bread!!!

Here's Catey and our neighbor, Maggie (not to be confused with our dog Maggie), making zuchini bread:

Catey wanted to let one grow really big and submit it for a record. :) Speaking of ginamorous veggies, Chase had an opportunity for a $10,000 scholarship if he could grow the biggest, bestest giant cabbage. Here's a shot of his cabbage in early July.

Unfortunately, bugs got to it before it got to full size and we weren't able to submit his to the competition. But, I have high hopes for Catey in 2012!!!

The peppers and tomatoes started producing at the end of June too!

And, as always, I get a ton of tomatoes. I do both, giant beef steak tomatoes for slicing, and smaller plum tomatoes for making soup and sauces. Here's my favorite afternoon lunch in the summer. Yummy thick slice of tomatoe, fresh basil, and turkey!

And here's three simple steps to the perfect spaghetti sauce:

Summer Fun!!!

Lest you think we spend all our time eating fresh veggies, here's some other summer highlights. Swim Team!!!

And here's some great video of the kids competing:

A quick trip to Kings Dominion over the July 4 Holiday with friends is always a pleasant getaway:

Chrissie had fun with the neighborhood girls four July 4th when we got back:

Other random fun:

Two of the many beautiful sunsets in front of our house:

Catey playing with my camera, self portrait:

Water Torturing the dog:

Dressing up to go see the final Harry Potter movie in 3D:

The neighborhood kids mucking around:

Catey doing her Karate Kid impersonation:

Speaking of martial arts, Chase tested for his Tae Kwon Do BlackBelt. Here'a shot of him doing his flying side kick:

Catey and mommy supporting Chase:

Catey and Chase are both Bo Black at this point, but I recently found this footage of them testing for Brown:

And here's some footage of his form testing for Black. We think he passed but don't know for sure yet:

The Billy Goat trail at Great Falls is always a fun hike. Here's some great shots on the trail:

Catey like the "THANK GOD" part of this sign:

A shot of the whole family... Thanks strange hiker!!!

Summer Vacation

Chrissie and I did something different this year for vacation... we stayed home and got rid of the kids!!! :) It was great, we had front row, third base, seats to an Oriole's game:

Had 3rd row seats to "Wicked" at the Kennedy Center:

And the spent a few days at VA Beach, without the kids. It was a blast, but we did feel a little guilty about not taking the kids, so we went back the next weekend for two days with the kids, which they really appreciated.

Chase was laying in the shade, and we decided to bury him, which Catey thoroughly enjoyed doing to her brother.

And later he became the sand zombie

And it also happened to be Catey's birthday that weekend!

The Holidays!!!

I can't believe I don't have ANY pictures from Halloween. Very unlike me. But, I do have some nice pictures of Thanksgiving again! If you didn't see the video from last year, here's a link to the entire playlist:

2010 Deep Fried Turkey Videos

We did it again this year, but no video. We had 21 people (including kids) over. Here's the bird, and all the accoutrements!

And Chrissie enjoyed time with our niece Natalie!!

And, of course, Christmas is right around the corner! Time to get ready!

And we had a competition, girls vs boys, to build the best gingerbread house. I tried to make a carousel, but it ended up more like a teepee. Everything is edible:

I took surprisingly few pictures on Christmas morning. Chrissie's parents came over and we all opened presents, and then we went to my sisters house for an awesome Christmas dinner. I only took one good picture that day:

The very next day we left for skiing at Timberline. The weather had beeenpretty warm leading up to Christmas, but we still enjoyed the heck out of it, and spent a great four days with friends and family. The drive to Timberline through West Virginia is beautiful, on a practidally empty brand new highway (H corridor 48/55):

Take a really good look at the picture above. Click it to make it full size and take a look at what is stretched across the entire skyline! . The highway isn't complete so you still have to drive over Mt. Storm on a pretty windy road. But, that gets you really close to the windmills on the picture above. Below you can see me standing below the windmill. The picture doesn't do it just as to how big these are.

We rented a gorgeous 5 bedroom house with an amazing kitchen:

The kids skied all four days, even when it rained on the second day. The last two days we actually had a little snow!

And both Chase and Catey went down White Lightening, the only black diamond open on the mountain.

I don't have any video of them on hill, but it is definitely black diamond worthy. You can see the steepness and the length in the video below. By the last day moguls had formed, but no video of them, sorry.

And that pretty much wraps up 2011! Here's to a great 2012!!!